About the Founder

VishnuPriya is a practicing Master Hypnotherapist, Member of National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists USA. She is an Internationally certified Birth Educator, Fertility Therapist and HypnoBirthing practitioner. She is a certified Reflexologist, AcuTouch and Varma practitioner.She is also an holistic healer who uses Reiki and Theta Healing modalities for her healing.

She is a staunch believer that women is the back bone of the family and taking care of their mental health is very much important as it reflects in their physical health and overall wellness of the family. Her own birthing experience has fascinated her and brought her in the field of Conception and birthing. While she was practicing in UK, her focus in the field of natural Conception and Birthing blossomed. She has assisted couples in UK, USA, Australia and India to enhance their fertility and also to have wonderful and peaceful birthing experience.

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